A recent trend in real estate has been investing in real estate. Many of my clients are investors looking to make money on the real estate market. Investment properties can be profitable in a couple of different ways.

Some investors purchase a property and look to rent it out after purchasing it. If the buyer paid all cash for the property they would make a profit after paying for any costs associated with the property (HOA, repairs, etc.). If the buyer puts a down payment on the property while taking out a loan, the amount of money received in rent will be used to pay for the monthly mortgage payment (hopefully with a profit made monthly). As your agent I will look for properties that have the strongest potential to turn a positive cash flow every month.

One of the hottest trends in real estate has been flipping houses. Some investors that I work with are always looking for houses that are fixer-uppers with a lot of potential. They will invest in these properties, fix them up, and place them back onto the market. This can be a quick way to turn a profit but it is also extremely risky. It is important to hire an agent that will give you the pros and cons of any property that you look at before you take a risk on flipping it.