"What to do with a mistake: recognize it, admit it, learn from it, forget it." -Dean Smith

Team Consulting

This service is offered for coaches looking for an advantage over the competition. Coach Chris will come to an agreed upon number of practices and/or games and will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your team. He will then work with you and your staff to develop a plan going forward on how to best maximize the personnel that you have with your team. The length of time for this consulting service can be as short as a day and as long as an entire year.

Examples of changes that can be implemented as a result of the consulting can be changes to team defense, team offense, practice structure, game planning, team culture, conditioning program adaptations, and many other changes. The goal is for your team to be put in the best possible position to succeed.

Coach Chris has experience in changing the culture of programs that have had difficulty succeeding. When he took over the program at Ontario High School, they were in dissaray. Many players were ineligible due to poor grades, students weren't graduating, the team had not made the playoffs in three years, and athletes were being disrespectful of teachers/staff on campus. Over the past four years Coach Chris changed the culture of the program which now boasts: The 26th highest team GPA in all of Southern California, 100% graduation rate of all students in basketball program, and students being recognized for model behavior on campus.

The focus in the first four seasons was to simply fix the culture and attitudes of students on campus. Because the school is in a very low socioeconomic area, basketball success was not a priority of the school. In spite of this Coach Chris was able to lead the team to double digit wins in each of his first four seasons, trips to the playoffs in each of his first four seasons, and multiple athletes receiving scholarship offers. Now that the culture has been fixed over his first four seasons, he anticipates a top finish from his team on the court this season.